Instructor(s): Toni Stuetz, Jimmy Deoria
Location: Phoenixville Middle School
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This class is open to new and experienced babysitters, 11-16 years old, and focuses on basic caregiver techniques, rules, first aid, and safety. Youth learn babysitting "Dos and Don'ts" and how to act responsibly even in emergency situations. Safety and nutrition, as well as feeding and diapering are also taught. A babysitting course certification is awarded to youth who successfully complete the program.

Instructor(s): Jimmy Deoria
Location: Civic Center
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Boxing provides youth with a physical outlet, while building self-esteem, and confidence. The PAL boxing program is offered year round to boys and girls between the ages of 10-21 under the guidance of professional trainers. PAL's training regime conditions youth both physically and mentally and instills a sense of commitment, self worth, responsibility, and discipline. There is a $50 signup fee which is good for the year!

Computer Programming
Instructor(s): Chris Brickhouse
Location: Zoom Meeting
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Our instructor, Chris Brickhouse, is a self taught programmer with 19 years of experience. He got his start as a teen so he knows how important it is to start learning while you are young (and never stop!). We will be using tools and languages used in offices every day, this is experience a child simply does not have access to in school. We will provide them with the tools to get started, and they can take it from there!

Girls Lacrosse
Instructor(s): Ryan Rost, Andrew Burke
Location: TCHS - Pickering Gym
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PAL Fall 2021 / Winter 2022 Girls Lacrosse Program

Instructor(s): Bobby Bohrer
Location: Pickering Valley Golf Club
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PAL introduces youth ages 7 through 13, to the world of golf with clinics taught in the spring and fall by local golf pros. The program builds valuable life skills such as confidence, integrity, and resiliency. Participants learn etiquette, sportsmanship, and fundamental skills through the game of golf, which help them succeed on and off the course.

Instructor(s): Jimmy Deoria
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Wrestling is an individual sport that introduces and reinforces so many important core vaules and life skills including discipline, persistence, self-awareness and a strong work ethic. This program is open to all children between the ages of 4-14 and teaches skills which benefit youth on the mat, in the classroom, and throughout life.


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