Night 1: Rough start, but we recovered!

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Last night we immediately dug into HTML! We discussed self closing tags (<tag />) and tags that need closing tags and wrap around content (<tag>content</tag>). Soon, this will be like second nature for you. Tags also have attributes, which define the tag. the format is <tag attribute="value">content</tag>.

We used the following tags:

  1. document structure: html, head, title, body. These are in every HTML document.
  2. document flow tags: img, div, hr, br - image, division, horizontal line, break.
  3. table data tags: table, thead (header), tbody, tr (table row), td & th (cells, regular and header)
  4. formatting - strong, em.
  5. forms - form, label, input, button. Forms submit data to the back end and capture information. the input tag can either be type="text" which is a text box or text="checkbox/radio".