First Class - SQL

Recording from tonight
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Files from tonight:

For creating database (run first if you didn't create DB):

The SQL we created in class (run step by step if you didn't already do this):



Tonight we got started with SQL, learning about the following:

  1. SQL Management Studio
  2. What is SQL? Structured Query Language
  3. SQL Management Studio
  4. SQL Data Types
  5. select statements
  6. insert statements
  7. update statements
  8. delete statements
  9. filtering data
  10. what is null? means the field has no value, which is different than blank.
  11. functions
  12. charindex - where is a character in a string?
  13. ltrim+rtrim - removing spaces from left and right side of string, respectively
  14. right + left - getting specified number of charaters from right or left side of string
  15. substring - get a portion of a string by specifying start and length
  16. convert - change one data type to another
  17. isnull - specifying default if the field is null
  18. declaring variables - declare @variable_name data_type
  19. SCOPE_IDENTITY() - used to get ID from newly inserted record
  20. escaping single quotes
  21. grouping, summing
  22. joining tables
  23. inner join - only if all records have matching ID
  24. outer join (left or right) - the joined table's record matches are optional, null if nothing matches that ID
  25. Stored procs
  26. creating and altering
  27. passing in params
  28. multi-purpose functions like inserting or updating
  29. returning IDs for newly inserted records

Next time we will finish SQL and move onto C#. Some C# reading:

Prerequisite Information

Here's the needed software list again if anyone isn't set up

For Mac you might need to run Windows virtually or follow this guide to install SQL Server:

Needed software (all free to download and cross-platform)

If you have any questions or concerns about installing any of these let me know.

This is the Material we are going to cover, and some references to get you started: