Third Class - Expanding on C#

Recording from tonight
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Tonight we continued with C#!

  1. Working with arrays and lists of strings
  2. Working with numbers - doing simple math and rounding
  3. Working with arrays and lists of numbers
  4. Reading and writing to external files (System.IO)
  5. Looping through file contents, split first by line then comma
  6. Externalize the NinetyNineBottles function into a new class and make the count configurable
  7. Creating new classes, inheritance, enums
  8. Began doing some simple Linq work

Next time we will be continuing with C# reading:

Prerequisite Information

Here's the needed software list again if anyone isn't set up

For Mac you might need to run Windows virtually or follow this guide to install SQL Server:

Needed software (all free to download and cross-platform)

If you have any questions or concerns about installing any of these let me know.

This is the Material we are going to cover, and some references to get you started: