Phoenixville Area PAL honors Willis "Skeebie" Foreman

Friday night at Phoenixville's Civic Center, Willis "Skeebie" Foreman was honored with a community appreciation award and a beautiful portrait, painted by boxer, Samuel Berman. Friends, family, boxers, and coaches all came together to celebrate Skeebie's work with PAL. Skeebie has been with PAL since it's start in 1999. Skeebie has been training boxers and mentoring kids of all ages for the past 16 years. "I keep them out of trouble as much as they keep me out of trouble" Skeebie said smiling as he received his award.

Skeebie is truly a hero to the Phoenixville community. He is one of the first coaches to the gym every night it's open, and the last man to shut the lights off when the gym is closed. At 79, Skeebie still teaches kids how to throw their punches, where their feet should be, and can still undo the trickiest of knots in a pair of gloves. We need more people like Skeebie in the world. Many, many thanks to a man who's been so dedicated to Phoenixville PAL boxing. Thank you Skeebie!