Second Class - Intro to Git & C#

Recording from tonight
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Code Files From Tonight


Main Program (Program.cs):



Tonight we got started with C#!

  1. GitHub / Git
  2. What is Git?
  3. Setting up new repositories
  4. Connecting to repository with Visual Studio
  5. Visual Studio
  6. What is Visual Studio?
  7. creating new projects
  8. connecting with GitHub
  9. a walk through the tools, options and settings of VS
  10. Compiling - what is it, what does it do, where do the files get generated?
  11. Writing Code
  12. Explaining console apps, Program.cs, Main() function
  13. syntax for comments (//)
  14. What is the structure of an console application, namespace, classes, etc
  15. Our first line of code: "Hello World"
  16. creating our first string variable and outputting it
  17. 99 bottles exercise - loops 99 times counting down to one, outputs the number of bottles in each iteration
  18. displays how to use for loops
  19. also uses if statement to begin understanding control flow
  20. Do we have arguments? if so, show them to user.
  21. introduce try/catch statement for graceful error handling, output error to console
  22. Accepting using input
  23. string concatenation and interpolation
  24. reversing strings using indexof (where is this letter in this string)? and split (cut the string into pieces)
  25. replace occurrences of substring within string - replace space with zero and outputting it.

Next time we will finish SQL and move onto C#. Some C# reading:

Prerequisite Information

Here's the needed software list again if anyone isn't set up

For Mac you might need to run Windows virtually or follow this guide to install SQL Server:

Needed software (all free to download and cross-platform)

If you have any questions or concerns about installing any of these let me know.

This is the Material we are going to cover, and some references to get you started: